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F. E. B. Psychiatry.
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Neuro-Psychiatric Consultant

General Adult Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

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This is Psychiatry message.

To save life, improve life quality & remove stigma.

The world of Psychiatry is often a mix of skepticism and praise. For those who have never seen a Psychiatrist, or mental illness has never touched their inner circles, the methodology, science, and effectiveness of Psychiatry can often be hard to understand..



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  • Effect

    16 Jan. 2021

    We live and interact with others, some we choose, some we don't. Make sure that you are surrounded with good people.  Good people have an antidepressant effect, like a treatment, you have to both have them, and let them.

  • Advices

    8 Jan. 2021

    Oftenly, the advice is not based on the convictions of the counselor, but based on the situation itself, because advice depends on the situation. In particular situations, the solution may be the opposite of the convictions.

  • Contrast

    1 Jan 2020

    People now use contrast in a very disgusting way, insisting on rationalize all wrong within the contrast of worse. Why can't just say that bothare wrong, unacceptable, disgusting. Really a dark twisted thinking.

  • Burnout

    21 Dec. 2020

    When you always busy, and you have a moment of peacefull nothing to do, you wonder, is that right!!, Looks like you are stealing those moments and you are not supposed to.

  • Choices

    16 Dec. 2020

    "Will" as our capacity to make, evaluate, and change our intentions and decisions. It is our choices that define who we are, not our capabilities, and life is living with those choices' consequences.

  • Past

    1 Dec. 2020

    Past is a story you tell. Despite events are the same, a different perspective will change the story script. Even perspective changes with time, changing the script and changing the time.